Forries Tower / by sean hogan

It was nice to see the sun out today, even with the swell being pretty much flat there was still plenty of people out enjoying the beach.  I didn't get out with my camera this morning so, I was pretty keen to try something for sunset. With daylight savings finishing up today it kind of snuck up on me, not very organised I chucked my gear and my girl in the car and headed to Forries lookout. It's cool visiting places I haven't been for a while and since my chick is from Cali I get to show her around at the same time. Pulling up with only a couple minutes to spare I chucked my camera on the sticks and caught this three image panorama stitch.

Below Image: Forresters Beach, Central Coast Australia.

Forries Tower.jpg

To come back home after being away for a few years is good for anyone that gets away. More so for me now because I'm so keen on photography. These old places that you wouldn't think twice about back in the day, has made it so exciting to get back there with my camera. Especially at the right time of day, the perfect light or the right clouds, it just gets you frothing on something that you've had all along.