City Skyline / by sean hogan

Visually, Sydney is an amazing city. The harbour and it's surrounding landmarks are so frequently photographed its hard to try get something that hasn't been done before. I noticed some cool clouds heading down the freeway, so I started thinking of locations to shoot. I decided to head towards Mosman over near Taronga Zoo, I was planning on meeting my girlfriend around there as it was right around the time she finished work. Kate sent me text "Check out Bradley's Head", so I chucked it into maps and followed the directions.  As soon as I pulled into the car park I knew I was in the right place.

 Image Below: Bradleys Head, North Shore Sydney Harbour. 

City Sky Line.jpg

The harbour offers so many vantage spots with views of the city, if you have the time it's defiantly worth checking out. Finding new locations and new ways to shoot places is fun. Even if it has been done before, its good to put your own twist on things.